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Prešov : The city name originates in the Hungarian word eper which means " strawberry ". Sogn og Fjordane Sogn refers to Sognefjord, "the fjord with tidal stream". "Názvy potokov v Banskej Bystrici a okolí". Oppland the Upper lands Oslo disputed, maybe "the meadow beneath the ridge see History of Oslo's name Rogaland land of the Rugii, an old tribe. Retrieved probably a compound of roots represented by Flemish vlakte 'plain' wanderen 'to wander.' Acadia

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: Origin of the Word by Bill Casselman Provinces and Territories The origins of their names Archived t the Wayback Machine. In 1922 Austria ceded Ödenburg to Hungary and dropped the numeric prefix Vier- four the remaining three counties became Burgenland. Archived from the original on 23 September 2008.

Württemberg: after Württemberg Castle, which stood on the Württemberg, a hill in Stuttgart, formerly Wirtemberg, further origin uncertain ( -berg means "mountain Bavaria (German Bayern the state of Bavaria developed out of the tribe of the Baiuvarii, who probably gained their name from the land. Cartier 6, christmas Island : bestowed by Captain, william Mynors of the British, east India Company for its discovery on Christmas Day, 25 December 1643. (Note the head of the bull on the cantonal coat of arms.) Valais (French Wallis (German from the Latin word vallis, meaning "valley the canton consists mainly of the Rhone valley. Traditionally traced to a Forefather ech, who brought the Czechs into Bohemia. When a fortress was built to defend the coast of Fujian, Kinmen was described as being "as secure as a metal moat, proudly safeguarding the gate of the sea" ) Miaoli ( Renamed in 1889 from / (Mandarin: Maoli from the Bari Settlement of the. Another theory suggests that the lexeme fár - / fær - instead derives from Celtic and means "distant". From old Czech Czech (nationality later written ech. 54 The Slovak name of the city comes from the Slavic personal name "Koša" with the patronymic slavic suffix "-ice". Ticino : from the principal river of the canton, the Ticino, a tributary of the Po River. Citation needed Ahvenanmaa, its Finnish name means "Land of Perch " and is partially borrowed, partially folk-etymologized from Germanic.

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access-date requires url ( help ) Janota, Bratislavské rarity, page 152; "Historical calendar". The ultimate etymology of Boii is uncertain, but has been connected to Proto-Indo-European roots meaning "cow" and "warrior" Moravia : "Land of the Morava " Silesia from the holy Silesian mountain of Ślęża Sudetenland from the Sudeten mountains Denmark edit Bornholm : the Old Norse. Hamgyng from the first characters in the city names Hamju and Kyngsng (?). Tusen takk for hjelpen! Basque Country ( French : Pays Basque, Basque : Euskal Herria ) derived from the ancient tribe of the Vascones via the medieval Duchy of Vasconia and a County of Vasconia, split from. And the official name of the city became the de Bratislava on March in 1919, after the city became part of Czechoslovakia. South Sandwich Islands: Bestowed by British captain James Cook in honor of John Montagu, Earl of Sandwich, who at the time was First Lord of the Admiralty and helped fund Cook's voyages. 30 Some scholars 31 believe that the Burgundians take fuck hard linni meister pupper their name from the island of Bornholm; they comprised a Germanic tribe which moved west when the western Roman Empire collapsed, and occupied and named Burgundy in France in the 5th century. A History of Wales from the Earliest Times to the Edwardian Conquest. Citation needed An alternative etymology for Irian (variously identified by whom? Troms Unknown Vest-Agder West Agder. 43 Papua New Guinea edit New Britain in honour of Great Britain. Main article: List of Brazil state name etymologies Bulgaria edit Main article: List of Bulgaria province name etymologies Cambodia edit Provinces and territories edit Main article: Canadian provincial and territorial name etymologies Historical regions edit Acadia (French Acadie origin disputed: Credited to Italian navigator Giovanni. Transylvania "beyond the woods"i.e., from Hungary Ardeal possibly a borrowing of the Hungarian name Erdély, like the Romani name Ardyalo speakers of old Hungarian pronounced Erdély as Erdél. The -r- also began to disappear from the name on early maps, resulting in the current Acadia. "Eastern Expanses actually contracts the earlier "Eastern Guangnan" ( Guangnandong ) Guangxi ( ) lit. Donets is a diminutive form fuck hard linni meister pupper of Don and is a tributary of the river Don. Phoenix Press (London 2000. Hohenzollern : ultimately from the names of Hohenzollern Castle and its location, Mount fuck hard linni meister pupper Hohenzollern (known locally as Zoller or Zollern ).

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Jeolla from the first characters in the city names Jeonju and Naju (The first character of Naju is actually "ra"r" changes to "n" in the initial position, and the combination "nr" changes to "ll" due to phonological characteristics of the Korean language ). Refers to the province's location in the north-east of South Africa. Limburg : Derived from the castle-fortified town of Limbourg which in turn was derived from "lint" "dragon" and burg "fortress". (1982:1) An Etymological Dictionary of the Gaelic Language Gairm Publications. Treanth probably finds its origin in the number three, as the area was then divided in three jurisdictions. In honor of Edward, Thomas, and William Jarvis, the owners of his vessel the Eliza Francis. Languedoc the region speaking the langue d'oc (as opposed to the regions whose language ( langue d'oïl ) developed into modern French) Limousin from an adjective referring to the local centre, Limoges Lorraine from the Mediaeval Latin coining Lotharingia, meaning the lands granted.

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(The center of the legendary ancient Kingdom of Sekala Brak, allegedly one of the oldest kingdoms in Indonesia.) Nusa Tenggara : from Nusa meaning "islands" (referring to the Lesser Sunda Islands that make up the area) and tenggara meaning "south-east" (referring to the position. Agder has a pre- Viking Age unknown meaning. Pärnu : named after Pärnu river, that drains into the sea at Pärnu Saaremaa : from Estonian saar "island meaning "island-land". Venezuela edit See also edit "About New South Wales". "Futuna, or Horne Island, and Its People". 48 The castle got its name either from Predslav, third son of King Svatopluk I or from the local noble Braslav. A History of Wales.

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